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Dom Residence.

"2020, another day has passed.
The dry and hot ground beneath your feet, the sun beating on the rocks, and the weeds dancing to the rhythm of the wind. The secret pool, hidden from prying eyes, was my little oasis in the desert: and I can't be so grateful."



​​​​​​​"Dom Residence" is a villa located near the deserts of Argentina.  

The villa consists of two main blocks, connected to each other by a panoramic corridor with large windows. 

The first block concerns the living area of ​​the residence, all those living spaces lived during the day such as the kitchen, the living room, the dining room. The second block, on the other hand, concerns the sleeping area, and has been designed on several levels, thus obtaining the maximum of privacy, silence and tranquility. 

The spaces are characterized by the presence of open spaces and the use of wood as the main material for both finishes and furnishings. Also the color palette used has been studied in such a way as to integrate as much as possible within the environment and the surrounding flora, in such a way as to be incorporated within it, and not excluded from it. We also find a private swimming pool inside the patio between the two blocks of the residence: away from prying eyes, it can be considered a real oasis.

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