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Chill & Solarium.

'Chill & Solarium' is a project of 2019 concerning the design of an idyllic and utopian outdoor environment: with the approach of summer, I decided to create a solarium with soft curves, where you can relax, dive into the water, or sunbathe on the deckchairs and/or on the tiers leaning on soft silk cushions. 

The environment is characterized by curved lines, organic, soft, as seen from the edges and cylindrical walls, and is accompanied by a sunset sky with shades of pink, which make the space even more dreamy. In addition, I added elements in Venetian terrazzo, metallic spheres with rosy colors, and pink metal covers that fluctuate as umbrellas above the tanning stations, and which in the evening also act as a support for some suspension lamps.


"Summer has arrived, take a dip in the water during sunset and for a moment forget about your thoughts. RELAX, LIVE, DREAM."

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