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"Metaverse Villas" is a new series that focuses on the architectural and interior design of some villas in the Metaverse made with AI. The concept is based on the design of these architectures within a place not very far from us, where peace and tranquility reign: a place where our thoughts can find refuge away from daily stress. The creation of these interior and landscape images always has some elements in common: a pastel color palette, an isolated landscape, large spaces and large windows. Moreover, there is always a connection between internal and external space, not only due to the use of large windows, but due to the presence of some landscape elements inside the house.

The series is ongoing, so as not to miss any news, check my Pinterest Board or Instagram Profile.

Part of the 'Metaverse Villas' series was exhibited in Seoul at "Double Interface", a digital art exhibition curated by Art Innovation Gallery during Frieze Art Fair and Korean Blackchain Week.

DOUBLE INTERFACE | Vertical and Horizontal Digital Billboards Art Exhibition 

September 4 - 10, 2023 

SEOUL | 198 Euljiro 2-ga, Jung-gu 

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