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The Spring Summer 2022 season sees the Reda Group present its very first Digital Green collection, thus reasserting the company’s digital and innovative spirit, as well as furthering its commitment to sustainability. The collection stems from the encounter of the artisan craftsmanship of the creation process and the creative thinking expressed through upcycling, digitalization, customization and creative inspiration. It is a Digital Green collection, fully created in a digital manner so as to guarantee waste reduction.


Sustainable innovation has always played a strategic part in the Reda Group, meaning each fabric is the result of a company-wide effort throughout the entire production process, so as to offer customers an innovative certified product that truly respects the environment. Further innovation is brought by the digitalization process undertook by the Reda Group who created the Spring Summer collection digitally; the collection is now easily accessible via a few clicks through the Reda 4.0 digital platform, which offers unprecedented access to Reda’s extensive fabric range.


The Spring Summer 2022 collection accompanies the Reda 1865, Reda Active and Reda Flexo ranges through 5 distinctive universes, each created to cater to a specific situation, each with a very current story to tell.

Smart Twist 

Everyday. Elevated. Informal.

The ‘Smart Twist’ world takes us to a new environment, the home, where more and more of us are not only living but also working, thus reinventing the way we organize our days and interact with others. Our screens become the gateway to this new digital social sphere that has temporarily replaced the places where we usually meet and exchange.

Formalwear is replaced by a more informal aesthetic as the need for functionality defines the current wardrobe and transforms the menswear heritage. The fabrics take shape via high-performance stretch suits that guarantee comfort and a complete freedom of movement while always looking flawless.


Essential. Linear. Formal.

This world sees business return to the core of our everyday, as we look forward to resuming travelling and meeting in person. Featuring neutral-hued fabrics with minimalistic silhouettes, this theme offers a revisited take on formalwear. Impeccable as ever, they will seamlessly adapt to any corporate environment.

Cafè Society

Enjoying life. Making a statement.

Cocktails, smiles and music playing in the background: ‘Café Society’ is a world defined by human interactions, a return to socializing and sharing.

And just like that we are transported back to a 1920’s-like atmosphere filled with sequins, champagne and laughter, at a lavish party reminiscent of the golden age described in “The Great Gatsby” albeit with a contemporary feel. Mixed fabrics in lieu of traditional tuxedos; dark, nocturnal tones featuring glossy and matte details to shine a unique light on whoever wears them.


Casual, Free, Relaxed.

Barriers to bring down, borders to cross: ‘Indulgence’ is a world of free time pervaded by the need for lightheartedness, freedom and relaxation.

Stepping outside the box, transforming the everyday, traveling without a destination and losing ourselves in our surroundings. Fabrics are defined by soft and fluid volumes; a play on patterns and colors opens up a world of possibilities that enables us to roam free and think creatively.


Out and About.

‘Escape’ opens up a world that suggests our take on what is real is always relative and a construction; a world that invites us to open up to unexplored spheres and serves as a reminder that reality should know no limits.

Flights of stairs to go up and down in a continuous and infinite cycle, inside a structure that can only exist on paper thanks to optical illusion and the secrets of perspective. The cosmopolitan style and sporty soul that define the Reda Active range come together to give life to highly technical and elegant fabrics created to meet our current standards of comfort.

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