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Villa Rivera.

1985, golden hour. 

On that Sunday, ‘Take On Me’ was on the radio, the wind blew between the palm trees and the rays of the setting sun illuminated my home. A shiny Mercedes-Benz is parked in the external garage, silence and peace, my thoughts suspended between one note and another: everything was perfect.



Villa Rivera is an imaginary home inspired by the 80s in the iconic city of Miami. 

The predominant colors are peach, beige and mint; a large swimming pool covered with white tiles covers almost the entire outdoor area.

The tiles are a fundamental element of the design, since they are also brought back inside, creating a connection between the two areas, which is even more emphasized by the presence of large sliding windows, which allow you to divide the interior and exterior only partially.


The house follows organic and inorganic shapes at the same time: there are straight lines in many points of the house, but most of the details are characterized by curved, soft or circular lines.

In fact, there is the presence of more than one circular window, a circular door that acts as a partition with the other rooms of the house only through a velvet curtain, also a cylindrical column and soft shapes both for the outdoor pool and for the tub inside the house.

This combination of linear and curved simulates the combination of the vintage and retro style that we wanted to give to the house.

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A collaboration between Cristina La Porta and Nelson De Araujo.