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SILENCE. Strato presents its first NFT available on Foundation.

Silence, the name of the work, accompanies the Uniqueness table on a dreamlike, surreal journey. We are in ancient Roman architecture, in a silent, glorious place. The building is circular. A beam of ancestral light descends from the oculus, in which the Uniqueness STRATO table floats in the air, ethereal, in an intimate and quiet atmosphere.  The circular beam of light traces an imaginary horizon within which a centrifugal force is enclosed, designing a perpetual space-time suspension.



From its origins until today, Strato has understood the furnishing object as a material form sufficient in itself, conceived from a thought far removed from the need for space ornamentation. The object is for STRATO the interpretation of a thought that becomes matter through nature. The Uniqueness table by STRATO is distinguished by the presence of steel inlays on wood, which, carved by hand, recall the ancient Italian artistic practice of the wooden tarsia. The table top takes its shape from the elementary geometry of the circle. The circle has no fracture lines, on the contrary, its configuration is based on the idea of ​​uniformity and totality. The sandblasting technique, used in the treatment of this wood, emphasizes the equidistance from the crucial point towards the outside of the top, thus reproducing the idea of ​​coinciding and unifying force of the circle.



Presented during Milan Design Week 2022.

Collect now 'Silence' NFT on 

Art Direction Gianna Farina - 3D Cristina La Porta Studio - Text Camilla Gorini

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