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Rosa Nel Deserto at AN•TI•TE•SI Exhibition.

Here to present to you "ROSA NEL DESERTO“, my project created specifically for /AN•TI•TE•SI/, the exhibition dedicated to the promotion of contemporary and experimental design by, 30.09 l 08.10 at Chiesa Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria, Parabiago, Milan.


‘ROSA NEL DESERTO’ is a series of images born from the union of the use of artificial intelligence with CGI, where pink - a fresh, cheerful and romantic color - generates the contrast between joy and melancholy, a state of mind that is mirrored by the arid, empty, silent and remote landscape of the desert. The pink of the vegetation symbolizes positive emotions, the desire for gaiety, a lively space and cheerful light-heartedness within a space - the melancholy state of mind - which, step by step, can change over time and invigorate more and more.


I would like to infinitely thank and @nonahora__ for the invitation and for their trust in me and my work.

On the occasion of the new exhibition BeAlpha chooses the rhetorical figure of the antithesis as a common thread. 

Precisely /AN·TÌ·TE·SI/ is the title of this event which proposes to highlight a harmonious dualism guided by a contradictory character that refers to ambiguous, uncertain things; to objects that induce reflections. 


This rhetorical figure consists of opposing two contrary or dissimilar terms or concepts in order to create a contrast, as for example in the eternal dualism of the archetype "good and evil".In general, the antithesis has the function of creating a clear contrast between opposing terms or concepts, in order to arouse a strong emotional impact, which is why it is very effective for communicating ideas and concepts in a clear, concise and memorable way. The aim of the exhibition is therefore to select design objects that challenge expectations and alter the perception of the object through the use of unexpected materials, shapes or functions. 


Scheduled from 30 September to 8 October 2023, the exhibition takes place inside the historic church of Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria in Parabiago (MI), part of a monumental complex built - according to tradition - on the sites of the battle of Parabiago, fought on 21 February 1339. 

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