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Relaxing Living Rooms.

This innovative project blends the enchantment of the color yellow with the surreal imagery of the metaverse, creating living spaces that stand as true works of art. Carefully selected warm and inviting shades of yellow imbue the living spaces with a lively and positive atmosphere. However, what makes this project extraordinary is the seamless fusion between indoor spaces and the desert landscapes of the metaverse. Desert landscapes, with their grandeur and desolation, infiltrate the interiors, creating a continuous synergy between indoor spaces and the vastness of the metaverse.

Design elements, inspired by the vastness and fascinating geometry of virtual deserts, integrate with the arrangement of furnishings and indoor spaces. Walls seem to open up to endless landscapes, while furnishings and architecture take on organic shapes inspired by the surreal nature of the metaverse: Thoughtful material choices contribute to creating a unique sensory experience, playing with light and spatial dimensions.

In this project, interior design goes beyond creating a living space; it becomes a journey into a parallel world where comfort and innovation converge in a futuristic and immersive vision. “Relaxing Living “Rooms is an ode to harmony between humans and the digital realm, transforming the home into an interactive and extraordinary refuge.

Designed by Cristina La Porta Studio.

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