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Unreal Bathrooms.


We’ll go beyond the boundaries of reality, get ready for a new way of thinking about design.


Welcome to a spatial odyssey in interior design, where the UNREAL series transforms metaverse spaces into an unconventional experience, breaking the barriers of ordinary reality and embracing natural elements like rock at the heart of the design.

In UNREAL series, nature becomes an integral part of the metaverse. Rock, solid and timeless, merges with digital elements to create spaces that echo the timeless beauty of the Earth. A harmony between the virtual and the real that challenges perceptions. Surprisingly, it breaks the boundary between nature and digital, bringing elements like rock to coexist in virtual environments. This innovative design challenges the very concept of interior design, creating a space that transcends conventions.


This project is a journey beyond the familiar, a leap into the unknown. Through UNREAL series, we explore the interconnection between virtual spaces and natural elements, opening the mind to possibilities beyond our traditional understanding. The UNREAL series is more than a revolution in interior design; it's a new paradigm. The harmony between natural and digital elements creates a space that redefines the rules, leaving a lasting imprint in the exploration of new aesthetic and conceptual frontiers.

Welcome to UNREAL, where nature and the digital dance together, creating an interior design experience that transforms the metaverse into a captivating fusion of Earth and virtual. 

Designed by Cristina La Porta Studio.

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