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House On The Moon.

"House on the moon" is a project of 2019 commissioned by DXI magazine for Teulat, concerning the design of an idyllic indoor/outdoor environment.


Cristina La Porta is an Italian interior designer and graphic artist. Raised in Sicily and based in Milan, her work is focused on interior design, graphic art and design, and product design. Her design philosophy is centered around detail and novelty within idyllic, near utopian spaces. These imaginary spaces help to escape from reality by creating suggestions in the mind of the viewer. At the base of his ideas, there is always aesthetics and fantasy, for the creation of surreal and fantastic environments.

Teulat furniture is used in a more or less conventional way: the space is characterized by cylindrical columns and walls with arched openings, which allow the outside to be glimpsed. We are on a moon, surrounded by other moons and stars, in short, a parallel universe. Inside the house there is also a body of water, where we find an armchair with a low table on an isolated step: in reality it is a metaphor, as the inhabitant in that house would be alone and stuck there on the moon without escape route, the furnishings are positioned alone, surrounded by water, with no possibility of being moved. Moreover, the element of water is synonymous with the emphasis of space, recreating a magical reflection of the galaxy, in fact it is connected to the solarium we find outside, where two armchairs float as if it were a conventional use.

The house, being isolated and the only construction on this moon, has no doors or closures on the windows, the only elements that separate the exterior from the interior, together with the few open walls, are the large curtains, used both as a background that as a separator element. 

Teulat chose me as a designer to create a series of images and compositions using their new collection of products. The project was commissioned and published on the 56th issue of DXI Mazagine, a spanish culture, art and design mag (DXI56 ISSUE), which had the moon as its theme of the month.

The new collection together with the magazine were presented at the Valencia Design Week 2019.

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DXI Magazine 56 

DXI Magazine 56 

DXI Magazine 56 

DXI Magazine 56 

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