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Dropbox & Zoom.

Dropbox Blog Article


With many of us working from home during the global pandemic, video conferencing has become a staple-whether it’s for meetings, happy hours with friends, or play dates for kids. Dropbox illustrators partnered with external artists to create custom video conferencing backgrounds to help make your time online more enjoyable. Some illustrations provide a sense of escapism, some draw from the natural world, and others are inspired by childhood comic books. 


Download my illustration and use it as a background for your zoom conferences!

You can find it here.

20:10, 23 August. 


Summer was ending, but a gentle sea breeze came in from my window caressing my face.

The palms danced together with the rhythm of the waves of the sea, which, in the background, replaced the voice of my thoughts.

The sunset, symbol of the end of a day, gave room for the night to enter, and filled, with its sweet pink light, the lightness of my soul.

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