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Echoes of Dreams.

The story of a sphere that, rolling through dreamy landscapes, discovers a mysterious arch-shaped portal. After passing through this portal, it finds itself transported to a completely different landscape, embarking on an intriguing journey, an otherworldly dream, in peace and serenity.


This white sphere serves as a symbolic representation of the human mind, spanning the vast expanse of dreams. Each portal he encounters represents the various dreams our minds explore throughout the night, moving seamlessly from one realm to the next, revealing the infinite possibilities of the subconscious. As the sphere continues its journey, it delves deeper into the depths of the mind, unraveling hidden thoughts, emotions, and desires, all manifesting in the surreal landscapes it encounters. With each passing portal, the sphere gains insight and understanding, navigating the ever-changing landscapes of dreams with curiosity and wonder.


A project by Cristina La Porta Studio and Alexander Cheah.

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