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Silentium NFT Paris 


Part of "The Artists' Studio" Exhibition curated by Galleria Perpetua in collaboration with The Builders Dao

Presented at NFT PARIS 2024 @ Grand Palais Éphémère


Available for collection an edition of 5 on Foundation


‘Silentium’ is a project inspired by the quest for tranquility and peace in a natural and desert environment. It focuses on a room designed as a refuge for an artist, located in a remote desert area. Here, tranquility and serenity are embodied by nature itself, which dominates the landscape with its pristine beauty and absence of human life.


The architecture of the room is designed to harmonize with the surrounding environment. Walls are constructed using natural materials such as sand and rocks, creating a tangible connection between the interior and exterior. This fusion of the room's architecture with the surrounding landscape emphasizes the theme of silence and tranquility, providing the artist with a space for inspiration and reflection.


The furniture in the room is also crafted using the same natural materials, further emphasizing the idea of harmony with the surrounding environment. The simplicity and elegance of these furnishings perfectly complement the project's spirit, offering the artist an environment conducive to contemplation and creativity.


‘Silentium’ represents not only a physical space but also a mental state of inner peace and tranquility, reflected both in the architecture of the room and its relationship with the surrounding landscape.


The Artists' Studio is an art collection curated by Galleria Perpetua, in collaboration with The Builders Dao, that revisits the centuries old practice of artists choosing their studio or workplace as a subject and depicting it in their art. Each work from various styles (illustrations, 3D art, AI art etc.) represents the study - true or ideal - of the artists involved, offering the viewer a virtual glimpse into their worlds.


The idea is to show through different points of view, what are the spaces and tools used by new artists to create works in the technological era. “The collection wants to create a parallel between past and present” A proof that digital art - like physical art - is the result of hours of work and experimentation in the studio, despite the change of tools and mediums over time.  

“In the age of the internet, the canvas is replaced by the screen”


The value of Art remains immutable. 

Each artist's studio is not just a room, it is a world to explore, a new perspective to observe reality.

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