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Metaverse Villas in Chongqing, China.

The digital project "Metaverse Villas” emerges as an innovative exploration at the crossroads of AI-generated art and CGI creativity. Initially conceived as part of the "Metaverse Villas" series created by Cristina La Porta Studio, this digital villa evolves into a unique immersive experience, narrating the tale of a futuristic private oasis in the metaverse desert.


The exterior environment of the villa presents a desert landscape rich in striking details. The azure-colored bushes, a singular contrast amidst the dominant sandy panorama, captivate the eye and beckon the digital explorer to venture further.


Upon entering the villa, visitors are greeted by futuristic spaces with intriguing forms, combining organic and soft elements with straight lines, creating an atmosphere that evokes a captivating blend of retrofuturism and brutalism. The color palette, primarily neutral with shades of beige and sand, is enlivened by touches of blue and azure, imparting a sense of modernity and innovation. These color accents play a pivotal role in crafting a futuristic ambiance, particularly through the presence of blue plants, elements that challenge the laws of nature in our universe.


This 3D short film was projected on the the landmark giant screen "The Light of Asia" in Chongqing, China - the first screen in Asia - covering an impressive area of 3788 square meters. This exhibition provides viewers with a total immersion into the visual experience of the “Metaverse Villas”, transporting them on an exhilarating journey through a virtual world that challenges the boundaries of reality and imagination.


The "Metaverse Villas” project represents a captivating fusion of artificial intelligence, CGI, and artistic vision, creating a cutting-edge digital experience that stimulates the minds and imaginations of viewers, transporting them to an alternate universe where the future and the fantastical converge.


Co-produced by Cristina La Porta Studio team and Chinese digital team DIGMEGA.

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