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Introspecção arises from a precise reflection, the desire to recreate a perfect place for the search for one's self, hence the name "introspection".​​​​​​​


Introspecção | [ı̃trospekˈsãw]

Feminine noun 


• Intimate and reflective analysis that someone does about himself;

• Deep examination about his own experiences or about what is most intimate about himself; 

• Observational and descriptive analysis of the contents of the mind itself. 


Etymology | From the Latin introspectio/onis.


"The sun was setting, the rosy light settled on the surrounding nature and reflected on the texture of the water. Silence, tranquility, everything is perfect for exploring my inner self, discovering, reflecting and becoming aware of myself. It was just me, myself and a sweet little bird with fairy-tale colors, chirping and watching me from afar, floating above the lake, which by now was painted pink like the sky."

The Bloody Mary Magazine

The Bloody Mary Magazine

A collaboration between Cristina La Porta and Nelson De Araujo.



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