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There is life on Mars.

“There is life on Mars" is a visionary project that explores the intersection between digital art and artificial intelligence, offering a series of surreal interiors. Based on the concept of the metaverse, this project presents immersive living spaces, characterized by a pink aesthetic tone on tone, which evoke a sense of comfort and tranquility.


The interiors are designed as relaxation, equipped with comfortable seating and areas dedicated to rest. The rooms overlook barren, silent vistas of the Martian landscape, creating a fascinating contrast between the cozy interior and the alien exterior.


The use of artificial intelligence allows us to explore new frontiers of design, giving life to dreamlike visions of a possible life on Mars. “There is life on Mars" plays with the idea of ​​inhabiting a desolate planet, transforming it into a surreal and welcoming refuge, where the concept of home is reinterpreted through the filter of technology and imagination.

A project by Cristina La Porta Studio.

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