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Metaverse Oasis.

The "Metaverse Oasis" project is an experience that transports users to a digital oasis of relaxation in the heart of the metaverse. This virtually created environment is designed as a visual and sensorial refuge, where one can fully immerse oneself to escape the chaos of the real world.


The setting of the "Metaverse Oasis" is a breathtaking, deserted setting featuring impeccably detailed sand dunes, mountain ranges and digital sunset skies. The quality of the rendering captures every detail, from the reflection of the light on the sand to the nuances of the colors of the sunset. Designed spaces within the metaverse are realistically rendered with elegant shaded pavilions, suspension bridges over artificial ponds, and meditation areas surrounded by exotic plants in every 3D detail. The design of the environments is designed to maximize immersion, offering a sensation of virtual presence.


"Metaverse Oasis” is a 3D rendering project that offers an extraordinary visual and sensory experience, combining the magic of three-dimensional graphics with the ability to explore and relax in a carefully designed digital oasis. An opportunity for virtual escape to restore balance and find serenity in the digital age.


"I love to design these oases of relaxation: a private space where you can reconnect with yourself and alienate yourself a little from the chaotic world."

Designed by Cristina La Porta Studio.

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