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Cristina La Porta is a multidisciplinary Italian Designer.

Raised in Sicily and based in Milan, her work is focused on interior design, surreal evocative image creation and dream spaces. Her design philosophy is centered around detail and novelty within idyllic, near utopian spaces. These imaginary spaces help to escape from reality by creating suggestions in the mind of the viewer: at the base of her ideas, there are always aesthetics and fantasy, for the creation of surreal and fantastic environments. 


instagram @cristinalaportastudio


London Digital Art Week 2024
Paris NFT 2024

Chongqing Naked 3D Eye 2023

Seoul "Double Interface" 2023

Milan "Biennale di Milano" 2023

Milan "Antitesi" 2023


Vienna D2 Conferences 2021

What We Do

AI / METAVERSE / 3D ANIMATION / Art Direction / Set Design / 3D Visualization / Illustration / DIGITAL GALLERY / NFT / AR AND VR / Interior Design / Visual / Consultancy / & MORE

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